Even the best maintained need a rebuild

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Posted by Peter ( on 11:37:46 02/28/08

In Reply to: OT...XP and updates for protection stuff bombing... posted by Ben

It doesn't take much to ruin a perfectly good PC - just one wrong thing. I am betting that you have something going on that appears normal enough to all your scanners and may in fact be "correct" but simply has some bad settings or other changes that while valid are affecting the operation of the computer. Sometimes, even having too much protection can be a problem as they start to work against each other or create too much overhead.

Based on my experience, using XP is perfectly acceptable and is still strongly supported by the software world. I have found very little that "requires" an upgrade to Vista.

You will spend more time trying to find the current problem (and probably unsuccessfully due to the complextiy and interaction of all the components) than you would by doing a reinstall. I am betting you will also see some decent performance boosts from a clean format and install to replace all the files and registry entries left behind from various app installs and uninstalls since your system was built.

Bite the bullet and re-install. I speak from recent experience.

- Peter

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