Re: Cooling system K2500 What's normal?

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Posted by Ben ( on 08:16:18 03/01/08

In Reply to: Re: Cooling system K2500 What's normal? posted by R staaterman

190*F is not that hot and is 'normal' if you have 180*F thermostat. Cold if you have the 195*F stat.

Did you get the 'right' rotation pump? Remote but you could have gotten one for an older engine.

Wide fluctuations says to me, either your thermostat is sticky (even new ones sometimes are no good) and/or your fan clutch is going bad.

Another possibility is the auto tranny. It's ATF is cooled by the main radiator. When was the last time the ATF was flushed? Two schools on flushing ATF. One is often, other is if it's not been touched, leave it, as a flush 'might' loosen up debris and cause it to fail.

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