Re: 1998 Suburban K2500 - Removing brake drum

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Posted by Ben ( on 15:01:47 03/03/08

In Reply to: Re: 1998 Suburban K2500 - Removing brake drum posted by Chuck

During the initial pressing, the holes work harden as they deform to mold themselves around the serrations of the lug shank.

If the new lug serrations were not lined up, they will have to plow 'new' mating groves into work hardened metal.

I do not recommend hammering, that is just a fixit in the boonies thing. This sets up stresses in both the hole and lug.

Pulling it through with a lug nut is doable 'if' the serrations were lined up and greased mating surfaces. Still not a good thing, as you might stretch the lug or nut.

A good machine shop can press them in for a nominal fee. Sometimes just a six pack in my area.

Bought a econo press from Harbor Frieght, that is still in the box. Waiting for the chance... :)

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