Re: 1998 Suburban K2500 - Removing brake drum

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Posted by Chuck ( on 06:08:47 03/04/08

In Reply to: Re: 1998 Suburban K2500 - Removing brake drum posted by Ben

I attempted to line up the new studs with the serrations formed from the old ones. Not one of the studs tightened up like it should.

I agree on the excessive hammering -- and didn't :) I mildly tapped them in to try and get them set a bit so they wouldn't flop around while I stood the rotor/hub on edge to use the impact wrench.

Its funny you mention the Harbor Freight press - I was looking at a 12 ton press before starting this work. When the new studs wouldn't go in I actually called them to see if they had one in stock --- they didn't. They had the 12 and 20 ton on sale that week and were all out of stock.

Thanks for your help.

: During the initial pressing, the holes work harden as they deform to mold themselves around the serrations of the lug shank.
: If the new lug serrations were not lined up, they will have to plow 'new' mating groves into work hardened metal.
: I do not recommend hammering, that is just a fixit in the boonies thing. This sets up stresses in both the hole and lug.
: Pulling it through with a lug nut is doable 'if' the serrations were lined up and greased mating surfaces. Still not a good thing, as you might stretch the lug or nut.
: A good machine shop can press them in for a nominal fee. Sometimes just a six pack in my area.
: Bought a econo press from Harbor Frieght, that is still in the box. Waiting for the chance... :)

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