Re: 1995 Suburban running cold

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Posted by Ben ( on 13:43:39 03/04/08

In Reply to: Re: 1995 Suburban running cold posted by Igore

Mixed metaphors here.

Yes, the wrong direction water pump will have over heating problems, as it will not pump as much or enough water.

I'm with 92sub and bet the previous owner took out the thermostat and then ask why? Since it is winter, another bet that it might over heat then.

Drilling a hole in the stat flange is to get the stat to open up sooner and agree, too big will work against proper function.

Big blocks develop tons of heat and FAST. So fast that the stat will stay closed too long and when it does open, the system is close to over heating and it will then cause the cooling system to over cool and undershoot a bit and cycle a few times.

There already is a teeny weeny hole on all thermostats and for my 7.4L, too small.

A 3/32" dia hole is just right for 'me', as the temp guage no longer swings back and forth as 'much' coming off the freeway, or stuck in heavy stop'n go traffic in hot weather.

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