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Posted by Ben ( on 22:34:17 03/10/08

In Reply to: Something for Ya'll to drool over.... posted by Frankenbiker

Link to the builders home page below.

Been noodling diesel every since you and Jake posted about diesel. Would love a Duramax/Allison
Suburban, but out of my budget.

Wonder what the price difference and/or the amount of work involved from doing what these guys do vs
bolting a Suburban body onto a 2500HD to 3500 pickup truck. Then selling all of the left over

Key would be the differences between their frames and the major parts (Duramax, Allison, diff,
suspension, etc) are bolted to the frame, not the body. pricing says in my zip code, $25K-$29K for a 2500 GMC Yukon, 2500, 4x4, 8.1L quad
steering, and full up options. That says they charge approx $55K-50K premium.

OR, what about stuffing in what Jake did. Below is the one I'd be interested in. My year (1996) had a
diesel option, so everything should be there, except for the computer software, but a good tuner
should have that available.
Peninsular Engine Home page

How will the 4L80E hold up? Of course if I ever did this, the tranny would be rebuilt to top end
spec with HD components. Still not an Allison, but 'good enough for me'...a 5 speed manual would be
better, but that would be too much work.

Mainly an exercise or dreaming of what to do. Still want a K5, but maybe not able to anytime
soon. The Sub is paid for, so just maintenance/insurance/taxes/registration/etc.

Fun stuff. Anytime noodle any new/different vehicle, always look at the other options. Then
there is the all electric option... :)

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