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Posted by Ben ( on 12:14:17 03/11/08

In Reply to: OT...XP and updates for protection stuff bombing... posted by Ben

Now my system is dead and won't reboot.

No power to the key board/mouse, but the cpu fans are on.

It must be either the power supply or the motherboard.

How do you check the mother board?

Flaky after getting it back from ex-sweetie. More so as time went by (weeks). Added a new sound card and it got worse (killed itself and rebooted).

Thinking back, it was always during some program when lots of memory was being brought on. Usually over 600MB or there abouts. Poof and reboot cycle.

Sunday evening it went poof and now won't boot at all. CPU fans turn on. DVD/CD drives power up, but that is all. The mother board won't initial bios.

So off to the computer store to get a new power supply, as that needs upgrade anyway (Vantec 470A) due to the addition of the new sound card (multimedia editing). Looking at any +600watt supply.

Don't know if the new types with '3 rails' means 3 different +12 volt supplies (18a each)? Then that means each plug has it's own supply and guess common ground. Old had only one +12V at 28a.

Anyway, will find out at the computer store in a bit.

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