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Posted by Ben ( on 16:04:14 03/11/08

In Reply to: Re: OT...XP and updates for protection stuff bombing... posted by Peter

Just back from the computer store (spent too much time there window shopping).

Got a 650Watt, 3 rail (it is 3 different +12V supplies with a common), high efficiency, etc, etc. List $120 and paid $95 + tax. Take out from towers whose new owners upgraded to 1000 Watt. Full warranty and service (they know me, so they will service me).

My system is has two Intel Xeon dual core (four cpu's, each with 512K cache) with 2GB RAM, 64X DVD RW, 64X CD RW, two HDDs, Sound Blaster Audigy x-fi platinum (64MB, 24bit), ATI Radon 164MB. Most of the details from memory, so the actual memory size could be off. The tower has 3 fans in addition to the ones that are in the power supply and the mother board's two on the CPUs. 7 USB2 (3 in front) and 3 firewire plugs, plus an USB2 hub (think that thing has 8 plugs).

This was a server on sale, so had it customized to be my workstation running XP Pro.

In noodling the config, now know foolish in missing the power supply sizing (the 470 watt came with the system) and should have upgraded it at that time.

Didn't need/want to have to work on that computer what with the other dramas going on, but have to now. The way things are going...even my Palm died, so had to get a new one. Hate the all in one with keyboard that everyone has, as I dislike all in one printer/copier/fax/scanner. Nice, but if one should go bad, they all go bad. Pitty pot stuff...

Thanks for the diag links, I'll look at them later...especially if this new power supply doesn't fix it...most likely then going to be the mother board or component(s) on it.

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