multiprocessor systems

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Posted by Peter ( on 10:52:49 03/12/08

In Reply to: Re: OT...XP and updates for protection stuff bombing... posted by Ben

: While on this topic....anyone know if there are any applications that actually utilize multi-threading?
: It would be wonderful if there is a utility that sits on top of the OS but between the app and can partition the various tasks out to whichever process is idle, or available.

As a regular user, you won't find many apps that really take advantage of have multiple processors. You will find that the operating system will utilize both/all processors but generally not the applications themselves. The whole idea of threads and processes is done at the OS level and not at the motherboard. This means that it is up to the application to create new threads and processes within the OS. If an application runs within a single process, it will never span processors regardless of how much work it is trying to get done. It a single process is hogging one processor, the OS could assign other waiting processes to a different processor but that functionality is based on the OS architecture. Newer OS's do a better job with this than older ones.

The apps that do well in multi-processor systems are usually high end apps like CAD, commercial graphics design, video editing, databases (commercial grade - not MS Access), and number crunching. Even Web servers will utilize the multiple processors better than a spreadsheet will.

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