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Posted by Ben ( on 10:12:15 03/13/08

In Reply to: Re: Something for Ya'll to drool over.... posted by Frankenbiker

Had a Dana 60 front axle on my 73 K5. Added it the same time with the GM 14 bolt. Loved that setup. Absolute tank...

The steering linkage bent during the magazine test on the 'REAR' QuadraSteering system while they were backing down a hill too steep. They hit it a large rock.

I'd guess there were more than just 'straight' ahead forces & the stoutness of the system, but low speed (heck even high speed towing) off line forces to deal with.

Can imagine someone flooring it in 4x4 compound low off line with the rear steering fully turned to one direction.

Then, to me, another BIG issue is that over time, the wear and then the sloppiness that goes with all of that. My Sub's steering box is worn and in need of tightening and can imagine the compounding affect of my rear end loosey-goosey too.

Personally would pass on rear steering. 'Nice to have', not a 'have to have'. It is a SUBURBAN, not an Accord. Kinda sorta mini pet peeve of mine. Have a church member who likens his QuadraSteer 1500 to a 'car' all the time in reference to how easily it is to park and maneuver (yeah, he bought it as a 'fashion statement', there in lays what bugs me).

Even then, he has a tough time in tight spots.

Compared to a buddy and his wife. She is a Ballerina in the SF Ballet and is barely 5'1. She can park his 2500HD Duramax Crew Cab anywhere and this gal is NOT a mechanically inclined (she has to says 'lefty loosey', 'righty tighty' before touching anything with a thread).

Anyway, touches on another peeve...the fashion statement crowd and what they have done to our trucks, which have become too much of a boulevard cruiser with less and less 'truckness'.

Okay, as many own them that would have owned a station wagon and mini van...but...the OEMs have gone over board to that direction and left little to 'my' side of that bell curve.

I didn't want an automatic. Didn't want the convenience of dash mounted 4x4 switches, but wanted manual floor mounted levers. Didn't want FIS. Wanted hubs...

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