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Posted by Ben ( on 12:11:40 03/13/08

In Reply to: Re: Oil filter torque posted by Steve T

Agree and go further that single weight better for extreme or severe usage.

I've noticed that in the past on my racers and even on my 1996 Suburban.

One example is when towing my boat (+8.6K lbs, sold it) from sealevel to Lake Tahoe and back.

Fresh charge of Mobil synthetic (engine, tranny and diff) and filter.

Church member who bugged a bunch of us with 3/4 ton and 1 ton TVs that his Toyota Sequoia could out tow us. We think his trailer was around 7K lbs.

I didn't start it, but noticed that the rest of the 'guys' were pulling away from me going up there. Then noticed that the Toyota guy was pulling out to pass me and catch up with the others.

Well then, the challenge was on...

Passed him and caught up with the other guys. They kept this up till one of the cars called saying that idiot was pulling out and getting caught in the passing lane and then diving back in order to avoid a head on.

We slowed down a 'bit', but kept pushing him just enough but not enough for him to try and pass, much.

By the time we got back (about a 500 mile round trip), noticed that my engine oil was low and PSI off a bit. Plus the ATF color was 'off'...

Flushed everything and knew the engine oil was no longer able to protect, as it was burning.

After the fresh charge, the PSI went right back upt there where it should be.

My 7.4L rattles a bit with any of these 5w-30w oils on startup. So I use a blend of dino and synthetic of higher viscosity.

Point is that for normal driving, multi weight and even these very low viscosities okay.

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