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Posted by Ben ( on 10:38:21 03/20/08

In Reply to: OT...XP and updates for protection stuff bombing... posted by Ben

Got the system back on line after having to take it in for service.

Find that after installing the Audigy 2.Z5 Platinum, it pushed power supply to and over the
edge. Everytime high processor and/or memory usage went up, it would crash and reboot. More often
till the last one, which took out the power supply.

Since the surge protection is in the power supply, the rest of the system was not protected from
spikes and the graphics card ate it.

Now have a 650W 3 rail (3 +12V supplies) and new graphics card (Radeon HD 2600XT, 512MB DDR3).
The new Audigy still isn't working right.

Found another related issue from a buddy. She says Windoz file structure is very shallow and just
about anything can or can get permission to write to system files (mainly the registries) after she
asked if I had another HDD that used to be a system HDD.

Yup, but made it a slave and it's external linked via USB2. She says makes no matter, as Windoz will
seek out and find *ANY* system file and ****USE IT**** !!! She asked if the system has been
notifying me during start up, or when a program was initiated that a system file was corrupted and
that the system 'repaired' or 'restored' successfully? Yup...she laughed and said confirmed
that it was using system files over there over here...

She instructed to disconnect that 2nd HDD before starting up my fixed system. Then re-install all
of my 3rd party drivers and reboot it often to force Windoz to find and write system files.

Save/copy data files from the 2nd disc and reformat it several times. Better yet, toss it and
get a new HDD.

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