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Posted by Ben ( on 18:13:30 03/20/08

In Reply to: Re: how did you know it was time? posted by AustinTX

agree, nothing beats not having automotive payments...

Compression test will show how the rings/valves are doing.

Keeping an eye on the oil pressure will show how things are going inside the engine. My 7.4L is a 'bit' down on PSI when hot. So know that the clearances are not as tight as new.

Performance is a 'bit' down too, but only I notice. People who have driven it say it's very strong, but they didn't drive when newer. Power mode is a bit off and know that the compression is going down.

Steering is a bit loose and in need of tightening the adjustment screw.

The tranny doesn't shift as crisply anymore.

My engine should go another 100K-150K miles easy (+150K miles right now), but I might rebuild or replace it sooner. Blaine and Jake has me noodling a diesel. Still on the fence and don't have any experience with diesels, yet.

Occasionally the coolant will be low and wonder if another IMG cycle.

No smog testing. Higher MPG, albeit higher diesel prices offset that. Key is no smog testing here in Calif for a 1996 Suburban with a diesel (that year there was a diesel option).

$4.5K is 'cheap' for my area (San Francisco Bayarea). Even if I did myself, that is a deal.

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