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Posted by AustinTX ( on 19:26:58 03/20/08

In Reply to: Re: how did you know it was time? posted by Ben

Ben, my oil pressure is still holding steady, power is still enough to spin the Michelins (when it's not fouling #3 and #5 plugs!), and my MPG is still better than my wife's 99 Tahoe.

Point is, lower end is in great shape. It's the valve seals and springs I was starting to wonder about, which led me to consider replacing the heads while the IMG was being repaired (again).

But...and this is a big but...I knew I was probably asking for trouble putting new heads on a block with 210K on it, no matter how good a shape it appeared to be in. Then there's the timing chain to consider....

And the cost to replace the whole engine is roughly only $1,500 more in my case.

We'll see how it all goes next week, I should have her back by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Oh, I did have them include a new distributor - the GM crate engine doesn't come with one and that's something that can plague a new engine (bushing wear). Nor does it come with the upper/lower intake manifold and injectors. I asked about the CFSI to MPFI upgrade, but apparently that's not a genuine GM upgrade.

Toying with the idea of having them also replace the exhaust manifolds, but that's probably a waste of money since they are either good or bad and I have no reason to suspect the current ones are bad.

Alternator, starter, PS pump, etc...well, those are all items that I can replace myself if they prove to go bad later.

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