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Posted by wws ( on 10:01:36 03/22/08

In Reply to: Scanguage II for $139 @ Amazon, free shipping posted by ajohnson

That is an excellent price. When I checked a couple of months ago, they were at $159. And there are a few 'group buy' outfits that were selling it for $149.

I've been learning a lot about my '96 k1500 with mine.

The Linear Logic folks sent me a new cable to deal with the 'radio reboot' problem. However as long as I keep the unit plugged in with the old cable, it doesn't reset the radio. It is only when it is unplugged, and then later replugged that the radio reboot issue seems to happen.

I have only gone through 1 tank of gas since buying it. After filling the tank, you compare how much gas the pump actually pumped vs what the SGII thinks the truck used, then adjust a correction factor. IIRC, mine was off about 4.5%. Hopefully the next tank will be dead-on.

Some things I've learned:

- The computer changes from open loop to closed loop when the coolant temp gets to 130 degrees. This take about 1-2 miles. When warmed up, the coolant is always in the low 190s.

- The stock air intake works really well. It is almost always at outside air temp. The only time it is significantly hotter is when the truck has been sitting hot for a while. But even then, once you start driving, it cools down fairly quickly. It will be interesting to watch this over the summertime.

- Get into as high a gear as soon as possible for best MPG. Best MPG is when you get into OD at 45 mph. With a light foot, you can keep it over 20 mpg! In fact, I am convinced that if one is not in a hurry, it is quite possible to drive it at 20+ mpg without acting like a 'sunday driver'.

- I've gotten the mpg to go as high as 75 - decelerating down a hill.

- Interestingly, the speed that it shows is identical to speed as shown by my GPS unit - even though the speedometer in the dash is off a few MPH. Odometer and SG compare almost exactly. So I think the problem with the speedometer is that the needle may be positioned slightly wrong on its shaft.

- A negative: I still have not gotten the 'xgauge' feature to display tranny temp, HP, TQ, and such correctly. This could be because my '96 is a 'first year' OBDII system, and they don't have the right codes for it yet.

It is no substitute for a true scan gauge, but for me it is very easy to use and quite useful.

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