Miss in narrow RPM range after new distributor

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Posted by George U ( on 23:56:27 03/24/08

91 chev P/U, 96 350 Vortec crate motor (stock roller cam), Edelbrock MPFI (multi port fuel injection). Uses the original 91 computer with chip from MPFI kit. Over 75K miles on this setup. Recently installed new OEM-style distributor (no-name from Ebay). Old one was corroded inside (original 91) and either bearings clicking or mag rotor was scraping. This is an electronic (module type) distributor with magnetic pickup. Noticed a miss a few days after install (so it may not have started immediately) and proper timing (disconnect a wire and set to 0 degrees). Miss is intermittent and only occurs under no, to low acceleration, between 2000 and 2600 RPM (it has a tach), and in any gear. Does not occur or not noticed at high accel - maybe because it doesn't stay in this RPM range for very long! Tach needle noticeably jumps either backward or forward several hundred RPM instantly at the same time the miss occurs. Seems like bad dist mag pickup or module but why is it RPM specific? Next step to troubleshoot? Are these cheap no-name Ebay distributors junk?

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