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Posted by Igore ( on 10:11:58 04/01/08

In Reply to: Plug in Hybrids.... posted by Ben

My local power coop already sells power from 11:PM to 7:AM as off peak power at about 4 cents a kW if you set up and have a separate meter and so on. It is mainly aimed at water heat and building heat. These days, it is way cheaper per BTU than gas or oil.

I already have a plug set up on this circuit for the block heater. Plugging in the car in the summer would be no different than plugging it in during the winter, just more comfortable.

I'm all for this.

I saw a section on Science Channel where these guys are driving all around the country in an old school bus filled with bio-diesel (Invention Nation or some such) and they visited these guys that were recharging their pickup (the engine compartment and box were filled with normal car batteries) with solar panels. They lived out in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

Solar panels wouldn't work that well here in Minnesota (have to sweep the snow off them all the time), but off peak power would be great.

20 - 30 miles a day commute would be all I need.

I'm go9ng to have to do some numbers on this.

: Very hot button of mine...ever since consulting on some Hybrid controllers. Ford was NOT one of the customers.
: Got into lots of trouble trying to tell them that a charge cord would allow them to claim huge MPG's.
: They said their demographic studies showed that consumers would NOT buy them if they had charge cords.
: Now Ford has a proto with a charge cord. About time and RIGHT ON!!!!!...even though a Ford...
: Hot link to the article.
: Battery technology will be another issue, but anything is better than what we have now...

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