Re: Wife's daily driver Tranny Help!

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Posted by Ben ( on 17:51:36 04/01/08

In Reply to: Wife's daily driver Tranny Help! posted by BIG BLUE

Glad to hear from you again !

To me, sticky valve and most likely from varnish on the seat/cylinder or piston/ball (burnt fluid telltale on that). '01, so not vacuum actuated, but computer controlled. Maybe a sensor (damp weather telltale on that), but I'm of no help in that area.

Many won't flush for fear of killing that tranny, but my thinking is that it's already acting up and you need to do something.

Gamble that the complete flush (T-Tech) will dissolve or dislodge whatever is making it stick or not.

Maybe it's sticking because 'of' the varnish, or the varnish is keeping it going, as the seat/cylinder has worn, so the varnish built up to 'close the gap', so to speak.

You tow or haul lots of stuff? External ATF cooler?

If me, I'd flush the whole thing. Rather know right now while it's in the garage....vs....out in the boonies, which usually has sweetie alone and will be mad as a wet hen...and...guess who she will be mad at... :)

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