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Posted by #1 Son ( on 10:58:42 04/03/08


There have been many, many SPAM [posts made in this forum. I have been keeping an eye, or maybe BOTH, to make sure they don't last long by deleting them so you don't get to see them.

However, I am intrigued and amazed by the way the brains of these spammer's function. Most of the time, to avoid being filtered by the web master, they write a whole bunch of giblish so that there is no patern that can be used for filtering.

The following is an example of what they read like.

It's very interesting!
2 outlaw pac 2 diablo hint through walk 2 fun halo mods 20 mustang wheels 20 60 vision 2 free hearts kingdom music 2 final hearts kingdom mix 2 game play station 20 land rover wheels 20 bicycle inch rim

It is just a bunch of random words bunched together. Can anyone of you compose something like this? I know I can't!

I guess it takes a special breed to be a spammer, then!

#1 Son


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