Need some tips on buying a 04 or 05 Suburban.

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Posted by Crusader556 ( on 11:57:40 04/09/08

I've been looking at 04/05 Suburbans and I wanted to get some tips on what to look for.

I have a fairly large family with the wife 4 kids and our Yellow Lab and we need a vehicle that can comfortably carry us all plus our gear.

My budget is about 20k Max and less is better. I've been looking for 04/05 with 70-90k miles in general and will even consider going up to 100k on a well maintained truck.

When looking at higher mileage 04/05 Suburbans what type of maintenance do I need to make sure has been done to it?

Regarding the 04 and 05 models, are there any real differences between the two?

The wife and I are really liking the looks of and stiffer handling of the Z71 package, is there anything I need to be concerned with on the Z71 models?

We tend to keep our cars forever and I know I will be keeping this Suburban for at least another 5 years and adding about 100k miles to it so getting a good reliable vehicle is a top priorty.

With proper maintenance, do you guys think a higher mileage 04/05 Suburban , one with 70-100k already on it, can be a good reliable truck for at least 5 more years and another 100k miles?


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