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Posted by Peter ( on 12:47:51 04/09/08

In Reply to: Need some tips on buying a 04 or 05 Suburban. posted by Crusader556

Here are my thoughts based mostly on being the admin for this board and owning a 2000 Sub (same body style as 04, 05).

I am going to assume that you are aware of some of the normal items to check for: Any signs that it was used to tow? does it have upgraded or outsized tires? color of tran fluid? other fluid change documentation? Recently replaced parts (maybe cleaner than other parts in that area of the truck), car fax data?

In general, there are no big gotcha's that people talk about. There is an issue with some of the engines knocking at startup but aside from the complaints, no one has said that it caused a failure. There was an item about the steering shaft making noise but an 04-05 should not see that. The engine/drivetrain/brakes combo has been pretty much the same since this body style was introduced so newer models mostly have less wear but no big improvements. For engines, people like the base 5.3L for mpg but the 8.1L for towing. The 6.0L seems to be popular as part of specific packages or trim styles but I hear of few that chose it intentionally.

About the Z71 style, it is a firmer ride from what people say so it sounds like its up to you to choose your ride style. People with the "Autoride" option enjoy it but I think the replacement parts side of it was expensive.

The only item that may come into play for you was the 4 wheel steering option. I think it was discontinued after only a couple model years (from what I recall). This tells me that it was either not reliable or did not offer anything that the market wanted. I would stay clear of it.

Good luck in your hunting. You should be able to find something in your price range since the changes on the '08 models have made anything older much less sellable.

- Peter

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