2003 Sub 2500 6L - Low engine Power

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Posted by OldBuggie73 ( on 17:49:17 04/09/08

I have a 2003 Sub 2500 2wd 6.0L. It has right at 200K on it.

I have been plagued with the "low engine power" warning coming on for seveal months now, since late sept. The dealer replaced a lead on the throttle body pigtail (shorted wire), then replaced the whole pigtail (8 wires), then the sensor and throttle body itself (which seemed to function very well, most of the time), and we would go weeks at a time w/o trouble. I learned how to reset the computer by disconnecting the pigtail, and the battery, but lately it will sometimes reset itself. Sometimes we get the warning and it doesn't even lose power.
We had the instrument panel repared under warranty at 98K, due tothe speedo dropping to zero and staaying there. Possibly related, we are also having trouble with the fuel gauge, when it gets below 1/2 full, sometimes it will hang there (and later we look down to find (yikes!) we are nearly out of gas), and when we fill it up if it is below 1/2 full, it hangs at 5/8 full for a minute or a minute and a half and then slooooowly goes to full. Both pumps were replaced at 100K under warranty also, one of them shorted to ground (only time it has been towed).

Back to the reduced engine power, the service tech showed me the computer screens for ts'ng the problem, and it basically says to expect continuous intermittent failures upon replacing the pigtail.

Most of the time, the Sub runs just fine. Any ideas?



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