New Engine - New Problem

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Posted by AustinTX ( on 21:41:10 04/09/08

Not even 200 miles into the new crate engine, the SES comes on. Code P0441 (Evap Purge).

Check gas cap, check hoses, reset ECM. A couple of driving cycles later the SES comes back on. Same code - and always about 5 minutes after startup, which is the indicated diagnostic loop (300 seconds) under self-test conditions.

This time, I really check things out - appears they didn't hook up the hoses between the vacuum sensor and vacuum solenoid on the left side of the intake manifold under the air intake. I'm pretty sure those two hoses are supposed to be connected to each other, so I hook em up and pat myself on the back.

Three driving cycles later, SES comes back on. Same code.

So before I go back to the dealer, any ideas or quick checks? What's the common failure item for this code? SVS? MAP? Canister?

Interestingly enough, my wife's '08 Pathfinder with 5K miles on it pops a code and turns on it's SES this same week. Guess which code? Same one - EVAP purge.


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