OT: Tires: Uniroyal AWP II?

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Posted by OnBelay ( on 07:04:51 04/28/08

BelayOn, aka SWMBO, has a 2004 Subaru Forester XT which is her daily driver here in the dusty but very recently snowy plans of Nebraska. The car came with Yokohama Geolanders in 215/60/16, and I was fairly impressed their traction and tread design.

The car recently turned over 30,000 miles, and I noticed a fairly significant wear pattern on the front tires; bad enough to replace them. My tire guy does not handle Yoko, but he could order some in for approximately the same cost as if I were to order them from Tire Rack; +/- $140 each then I would have a mount/balance cost...call it $300 plus an alignment.

He suggested I try this fairly new Uniroyal AWP II, saying he has had good luck with them on other small suvs; quiet, good wear, and pretty decent traction. It's not like this car gets a lot of miles, as I said it's 3-1/2 years old and just rolled over 30k. The car does get on gravel roads and sees lots of rough weather, and dependability is important as she is a Midwife, and gets called out late at night and in crappy weather (you know, when babies like to show up).

Bonus was that the tires are about 75 clams a piece; he bought the two good tires off the back for $30 each, and with mount, balance, and lifetime balance/rotate every 5k and a 4 wheel alignment the bill was $350.

Initial impression is very good, had a drenching rain Saturday night and wet traction was great. Like any new tire, feels pretty sticky, we'll see how they run out in a couple thousand miles.

Anyone else have any experience with this tire? Not sure how they would look on a 'Burb, but appear to be a reasonably priced alternative to the Bridgestone Revo's I like so much. Side note: Revo's are not yet available in a 20" size, so not sure what I'm going to do when the 07 'burb needs new shoes.

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