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Posted by Ben ( on 11:15:21 04/28/08

In Reply to: OT: Tires: Uniroyal AWP II? posted by OnBelay

Curious timing, as I've just been noodling how the tires on dad's Caddy STS are holding up so well.

Used to have Michelin. Went to Yokohama and now BFGoodrich Control Plus 225/60R16 95T (118mph
1521lb load) 600AB rating. Have about 20K miles and they are just showing signs of wear, so they
are going to last a long time. $79/each mounted & balanced at mechanics (better pricing if I went to
a big discount place). Think going to get well over 80K miles out of them.

A very good tire, but not a 'high' performance tire. Slip angle is higher and the T&T weighted
towards 'ride quality'. Since this is what I use to haul mom'n dad around, plus now my daily, it's
not driven 'hard' anymore (plus it has the typical GM all aluminum V8 knock and coolant leak into the
engine oil chamber). When it is running 'good', a real sleeper and smokes many muscle cars.

This is a 'good' tire for general usage. Nothing to write home about, except for it's milage. Okay
on traction, but since it's T&T so low, can't really push them. Braking is very good.

The Michelin & Yokohama would run circles around these, but at over ~$189/each for the Michelins
and ~$97/each for the Yokohama (plus low milage), budget takes over on 'this' vehicle.

I'm in the middle of changing or making up my mind on tires, again. Had settled on Michelin, lost
faith in them (predatory pricing and don't last as long as they used to). Bridgestone are great, but
they are pricey. Yokohamas are still my small sports car choice, but they don't last long enough
in today's market.

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