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Posted by Ben ( on 09:30:16 04/29/08

In Reply to: Re: OT: Tires: Uniroyal AWP II? posted by AustinTX

Your experience supports and confirms what I'm finding with my buddies locally and over the internet.

The 'premium' tire badges have gone over the top in pricing, so their performance/price isn't as good as it used to be. Maybe for the extreme high end, but not for over all usage.

Plus think it's leap frogged again in science (material, engineering and process) so there seems to be a leveling in price/performance.

Also think Michelin has cheapened their process/engineering/materials. Have a set of old Michelins on my 1980 Silverado C10 that are about 4-5 years older than the ones that rotted out on my 1996 Suburban. Same model and both LT (C10's are LT flotation and Sub's regular LT). The C10's are showing age cracks, but not as severe. Both sit about the same amounts of time.

This goes with something been watching/tracking for a few decades. Upper management metrics of large OEMs. Mainly between domestic and Japanese. Noticed the difference back in the 70's when working in motor controls and got many ear fulls from my boss after getting into 'arguements' with our customers, customer exec's over their 'ship it' commands while presenting the vary same (similar) product technology to the Japanese had them so interested, thought they were going to steal our IP (they kinda sorta did).

Am now seeing that the Japanese are also installing bean counter upper management, where they used to have exec's who actually understood 'technology'.

An now wondering what is happening to this market sector, tires. The consolidation (buying up) of OEMs seems to have changed the face of this and have missed this recent change...

Best thing is for everyone to post their findings/experiences in all vehicles.

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