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Posted by Ben ( on 13:03:55 05/16/08

In Reply to: OT: External HD sizing posted by Marty

: Opinions please:

Back up as often as you are willing to lose whatever hasn't been backed up in between cycles...

I'm going through that right now and just back on line with a reloaded XP Pro and still in the
process of rebuilding all of the software (really weeding and buying new stuff, or downloading newer

Now have two internal HDDs (old 75GB and new 500GB). Considered RAID and still might, but don't
know enough about it (hands on stuff). Have an external 125GB but it's controller is flaky.

Used to back up every month and with the divorce and move, haven't been good about it, so lost
about 4 months with this current meltdown (got both a virus/Trojan/worm/etc and old components

Looking at making an image so that I'll not have to rebuild, as this 'will' happen again, and

Routine is to back up data files with *NO* compression. Only files that changed, but after a
while, forget which is which, so just back up whole sections and will not again, as too much.
Undecided HOW2 manage that for now. Many choices, but min will be DVD data files, an image of the
OS/system. Looking into bootable DVDs, but no time and ask if anyone here has opinion or

Agree with Peter on the humongo drives. Too much for me, even if business. But if business, would
have a different backup system. Maybe a dedicated 1TB external just for backups, and only 'on' for
backups, but I'd still back up data files on DVD (better than CDs as the foil layer is hermetically
sealed and is where CDs foil fail because it is only sealed with a lacquer layer)

Also, where to store those discs. I have a gun safe with a smaller document safe inside of it.
Both having a fire rating of 2hours, so by the time the little doc safe gets to see temps, it's
been 2 hours, so it's 2 hour rating should not be used, as a fire crew 'should' have gotten to my
house in 2 hours... :)

PS....many thanks to those who offered to help and tell everyone here that there some really, really GREAT forum members here. THANK YOU !!!

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