Re: '98 Suburban Brake Pad Upgrade???

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Posted by Peter ( on 14:41:52 05/16/08

In Reply to: Re: '98 Suburban Brake Pad Upgrade??? posted by Ben

Ben makes some very good points about what to look for and referencing #1 Son's site. I just want to reiterate some of Ben's previous posts about keeping the rear brakes properly adjusted.

It's not clear from the original question how often the front brakes have been replaced and how the front wear compares to the rear. Many people have posted that the rears are barely worn when the fronts are ready to be replaced. This goes to Ben's rants about manually adjusting the rears at every oil change and not depending on the "automatic" adjuster.

Its my impression that many people on the board have been happy with mid to high grade pads and frequent adjustments. I don't recall anyone saying that the rotor style pushed them over the edge into "great" braking.

I am probably over-generalizing but that is the flavor of the comments posted to this forum as I have read them.

- Peter

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