Re: '98 Suburban Brake Pad Upgrade???

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Posted by Captain Kirk ( on 13:35:54 05/18/08

In Reply to: Re: '98 Suburban Brake Pad Upgrade??? posted by Ben

: First, nothing can beat a 'good' disc brake setup, especially on all four corners.
: BUT, the setup you have 'can' be made to be very good. I can initiate ABS just about anytime with
: the larger tires/wheels currently and can *ANY* time with stock/OEM tires/wheels.
: Read up on braking over at fellow forum members (#1 Son) site in the hot link below. Go to the
: 'brakes' section.
: There are many design issues with our era GM full sized truck. Lots of them arise as it ages and why
: super tuning helps so brings it back up to OEM spec and even higher if done right.
: I recommend Praise Dyno Brake friction materials, but do not recommend drilled rotors of any kind
: for street use. Slotted is okay, as it provides outgas routing and the better or higher
: performance pads have a slot cut down the middle
: to manage this. They are in Texas and only take phone orders the last time I checked. John Ambrose
: Jr is the owner and really nice folks (usually get one of his son's when I call).
: Praise Dyno Brake
: Then the questions and answers only you can provide and decide.
: How is it braking now?
: What has been the maintenance schedule?
: How much are you willing to spend both in bucks and labor?
: DIYer?
: Whole hog is to super tune the system, replace the friction materials, replace the
: calipers/cylinders, replace the hoses (two front and single rear), bleed the whole system
: (including ABS if you have a tuner that can open their valves), etc. Think your year came with the
: TSB fixing (not totally, but goes in the right direction) the wacky proportioning valve bias.
: Then check back with more questions or whatever. Most of the stuff I'd post has been posted before and
: captured on #1 Son's place.
: Good luck!
: Ben: Thanks for your post. This is a truck I got a couple of years ago. Rear brakes were gone when I bought it -- had them replaced with stock material thinking soft braking was because rears were gone, but new shoes didn't bring them up to par. Now front pads need replacing, so I'm looking for something better than stock.

I don't drive this truck hard, but do tow a bit now and then (2 tons or less). I don't want to spend much -- just wondering whether premium pads can make a difference. Work will be done at a Chevy garage I trust, but I would give them pads to replace stock if improvement is likely.

My biggest complaint is I just don't sense enough "grab" when I touch the brakes. They will clamp if I stomp it, but don't seem normally responsive.

Thanks. Bob

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