Re: '98 Suburban Brake Pad Upgrade???

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Posted by Ben ( on 23:15:07 05/18/08

In Reply to: Re: '98 Suburban Brake Pad Upgrade??? posted by Captain Kirk

You have one of the very few that actually has working rear self adjusters, but they still don't
tighten them up enough.

Suggest you try driving around to set a base line, then driving the same circuit with the parking
brake set a 'bit'.

If the braking improves, then the rears need manual adjustment 'tighter'.

Since 10 years old, suggest you also consider replacing the front hoses (even the rear) and note
that the frame clip is known to rust and pinch off the hose. Flush/bleed the whole system with a high
quality brake fluid (min 1 quart used...I some times use 3 quarts) and if the calipers haven't
been changed/rebuilt, it's time.

Even take a look at the MC and vacuum booster.

Of course the super tune for the caliper slides as noted over at #1 Son's place.

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