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Posted by #1 Son ( on 19:08:18 05/27/08

In Reply to: OT: Solar LED lamp posted by Peter

: I am pretty sure the battery is charging since it had a charge when I measured it. I am pretty sure I saw voltage at the LED. How can I tell if the LED is faulty? Should I see full battery voltage at the LED leads? Can I just go to Radio Shack and buy one or are they rated in some way that I would need a specific one? Anything else I should look for?
: - Peter

Measure the voltage across the LED leads again. If voltage is present but the LED is not lit, the LED is BAD!

When measuring the voltage, take note of the polarity and identify which lead is Positive. and REMEMBER IT!

When you can buy a replacement, how do you know if it is equivalent? These LEDs are usually the High Brightness type. So, make sure you buy one of this type. Otherwise, your "night light" will not be much of a light! Fire fly? :)))

Now, when you are resoldering the new LED, you will notice that one lead is longer than the other. The Longer Lead is the Positive Lead!

Solder this Longer Lead to the Positive Position of what you had determined above!

Turn on the light and see IF the LED comes on. If it does, trim the excess lead if necessary ONLY AFTER you have verified that the LED works!

Let us know how you come out!

#1 Son


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