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Posted by Marty ( on 20:38:33 05/29/08

My '94 Sub is parked right now. Was running fine last week; even drove a little 'sporty' on the way home. Parked it in the drive, and it nearly did not start the next morning. I made it over to drop my son at school, and it started sputtering. I limped it home and parked it in the drive.
Going through the FSM, I was leaning toward the fuel pressure regulator. So, I changed the filter and ordered the regulator. The filter change had no positive effect. The regulator added some fuel, but it still surges, and sometimes pings.
I pulled a vacuum on the EGR, and it held. When the engine was started, the vacuum went to '0'. The timing looked to be 10° advanced. So, I pulled the wire and set the timing to stock. Still chugged and hesitated on acceleration.
I even checked the intake vacuum to see if there was a drop when the engine was rev'd. Just to check to see if the cat was clogging.
At idle, it runs fine. Sometimes a light hard start.
Still looking for the cure.

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