Magnecor Spark Plug Wires for sale...

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Posted by BIG BLUE ( on 21:31:56 05/31/08

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to give fellow Suburban owners first dibs on something I found while cleaning the basement today.

I came across a box labled Magnecor Competition and inside I found a set of spark plug wires that I had ordered from Thunder Racing a few years ago. I got in a group purchase with some guyys on the Pacific Audio Truck Forum back then and got a good price on these, but I sold the Sub before I had a chance to install them. is the deal, if anyone is interested in these you can have them for $50 bucks. I'll cover the shipping so you don't have to mess with that as long as it's reasonable and not next day service. I have the invoice that I paid $89.00 for these and that was with the group discount, I think these were originally about $120.00 if my memory serves.

Here are the specs...Magnecor Comptetion KV-85 8.55mm spark plug cable set, these are the red colored wires with black boots (they look really cool), and are for a 5.7L engine. My sub was a 97K1500 with 5.7L.

The box says they will fit the following...(remember I ordered these in 2001, hence the coverage dates below)
Cadillac Escalade 99-2000
Chevy adn GMC Trucks 5.0&5.7L 96-2000
Vortec V8 only

I have the paperwork and original box. I literally opened the box to look at them and then put them on a shelf downstairs. They are still twist tied together from shipping.

First on to email me with interest has dibs, if not they are going on craigslist in a week.

The Thunder Racing web site still has a great description if you want to learn more...


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