Hey!!!!!!! been looking decades for this for live axle info

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Posted by Ben ( on 18:50:50 06/03/08

In Reply to: Re: factory bilstein shocks?? posted by Ben

Designed a power trailer supply for the Navy back in the late 60's to power up Submarines dock
side, as they didn't want to run their generators (old diesel powered electric propulsion systems).
Still a mishmash of diesel and nuclear back then. Mobil so that they could bump them to keep the
systems 'fresh' and not have dedicated per dock. These diesel were in for retro or storage just in case...

Big one was around 450KVA at 480VAC input to 48VDC output or something like that voltage. Forget now.

Still in college, so assigned to setup the architecture, sketch it out and write the spec's.
Then reassigned to something else and this one assigned to one of the full time designers.

Anyway, test drive with a borrowed 6 ton dump truck out on the highway had the trailer
squirrelly as can be. So of course "Ben's problem"...

Called the axle company and asked what the heck? Finally got one of their engineers and after about
20 minutes of frustrating him, he shot back and asked knew what caster was.

Sure thing....said kinda like that on a live axle with leaf springs. Just make sure the leading eye
is higher than the trailing eye. For the spring pack spec'd out, about 2 inches higher and the
shackle length is a component of the leaf length and height differential (forget the
actuals...gads, getting old).

Ever since have been questioned about that and have not been able to back that up, other than
hear say.

Now checking out more info from those links dug up for this thread, find what the heck that engineer
was talking about and it is 'castor' !!!!!

guess dependent on the orientation of the actual axle tube to diff angle in reference to the

Why most all live axle with leaf springs I've ever seen has the leading eye high and trailing eye low.

Here is the pic and is now in my files.

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